Other Events By Credible Future India Pvt. Ltd.

Future Solar Design Challenge

FSDC Season 3.0

FSDC (Future Solar Design Challenge) is among the biggest solar competitions held on this part of the globe. FSDC primarily is a competition of solar vehicles designed to evolve and to encourage the most innovative ideas for the effective use of solar energy. We witnessed a successful season 1 of ISVC (now FSDC), where a good number of teams across India showed their will and participated in the event. The technical standards were set high by the management and the teams had to go through a series of physical, mental testing to stay in the competition.

The main intent of this competition is to flourish the enthusiasm and passion of the engineering candidates towards alternate sources of energy. We are glad to provide a platform to all the unprocessed ideas from participants of different engineering backgrounds.

It will also provide an opportunity to all the participants to attain more knowledge and showcase their hidden talent in such competitive environment. We feel pleasured to mentor the teams to clothe up their ideas into real application. This event empowers the development of society for Clean and Green energy…

Campus Utility Vehicle Championship

CUV 2021-22

‘Nothing can have value without being an object of utility'. CUV, a neoteric concept of electric vehicles, which brings the hard work of the students to its best utilization. It is not only the competition of the teams from different colleges/universities, but it is the competition of the whole college/university to fabricate the best vehicle that can run in their campus.

In CUV, apart from showcasing the skills, we feel glad to provide a podium to the besides competing in an event. This event puts more emphasis on the durability of the vehicle. It will give the students an idea of designing and fabricating a vehicle which is strong and durable enough to perform under different conditions. CUV can face the different climatic factors and road conditions in different parts of our country and can have commercial value too.